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DESCRIPTION Beko Turkish coffee machine
  • Beko Turkish coffee machine to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you want to.
  • This Turkish coffee maker is available in a white finish.Beko BKK 2113P Turkish Coffee Machine to make perfect Turkish coffee with foam every time.
  • Incredible machine is a technological marvel and makes great coffee within minutes with lots and lots of foam.
  • 1470W powered appliance requires 220V to run and has a 1L water tank capacity.
  • The 1L tank is capable enough to make 4 cups of coffee in only about 2.5 to 3 minutes with just one touch of a button.
  • Furthermore, its compact design makes it ideal for use in small places and is also remarkably easy to clean.
  • This Beko coffee maker offers superior efficiency while preserving the extreme ease of use.
  • The build of these appliances boasts of simplicity and quality, thereby making each model reliable and long lasting.
  • Ideal for home use, this creatively designed coffee machine has a sleek design and is easy to use.
  • With this Turkish coffee maker, you can make coffee for four people at the same time simultaneously, in the two different brewing units provided.
  • This innovative automated method of making coffee eliminates the trouble of waiting, as it informs the user when the coffee is ready, and also self adjusts to achieve the best possible taste.
  • The two separate pots offer the customization option to make two brews with different flavors, and also allows you to set the sugar as per your needs.


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