Activate Education Montessori Learning Toys - Electric Circuit Kit

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Product Features.

  • A popular fun educational electrical science toy that excites and encourages learning.
  • Includes the same familiar electric circuit components used by schools in science, STEM, technology and design lessons.
  • Designed and made in the UK by Activate Education. Build, experiment and explore basic electrical simple circuits.
  • Bring to life your own new ideas and inventions using this Montessori Learning Toys range kit for inquisitive Children. Recycle the product box in project ideas such as an Electric Random Winner Spinner, Bedside Night Light, Desk Fan or Alarm Circuit. This is a great kids School Science STEM kit to inspire creative learning.
  • Environmentally friendly small simple packaging design. Recycle the versatile product box in your own electric circuit projects. Includes the Electric Circuit Kit 1 Booklet, written by a leading UK Specialist Science Teacher, with component descriptions, circuit explanations, tips, ideas and Activity Challenges.

Product Description.

Build and explore basic electrical simple circuits using this Basic Electrical Circuit Kit designed by a leading Specialist Science Teacher for UK based Activate Education. A great gift for getting a head start in learning! This electric circuit kit comprises of the same components as used by UK Primary and Secondary schools in Science, STEM, Technology and Design lessons. The kit is ideal for: exploring circuits, science projects, homework, tutors, STEM projects, After School Clubs, Home Schooling, Science Clubs, Holiday Clubs and just having hours of fun! These kits are produced in the UK with components tested before packaging. The kit includes the following electrical components: 1 Bulb Holder, 2 Bulbs (includes spare bulb), 1 AA Size Battery Holder (Battery is NOT included), 1 Motor, 1 Buzzer Sounder, 1 Switch (Rocker switch operation), 4 Crocodile Clip Leads (Please note that Component colours may vary). The kit also contains 1 Propeller Fan which fits the Electric Motor. The Electric Circuit Kit 1 'fold-out' Booklet includes component descriptions, tips, activity ideas and Activity Challenges. It also includes sections on 'How to make a Simple Circuit' and 'How a Simple Circuit works'. Additional video content is available online at Activate Education. The kit does not include a battery therefore, please have an AA size 1.5 Volt battery available as your kit arrives to allow the building and exploring of working electric circuits to start immediately! Please note: The Battery required is 1.5V and size AA (also known as LR6 size). Minimalist small simple packaging design also reduces environmental waste. Recycle the versatile product box in your own exciting electric circuit projects.