Adidas Unisex Adult T-19 Cardio Treadmill Training Equipment - 3.5HP DC motor - Black

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  • Test your limits! Designed for progressive home cardio, the T-19’s NRG cushioning technology minimizes wear on the joints, while its 3.5 HP motor powers even your most intensive workouts.
  • The motor is basically the heart of any treadmill. The T-19 features a highly sturdy construction supported by a 3.5HP DC motor and guarantees a maximum user weight of 150kg, which means it can withstand even your most intense workouts.
  • By adjusting the deck's incline level, you can change your calorie burn rate. T-19 allows you to choose from 15 different incline levels at the touch of a button. The higher the incline, the more demanding the workout, in the same way that walking uphill is more difficult than walking on a flat surface.
  • T-19 features a sleek console, which affords you several options. Monitor your heart rate with the integrated grip sensors or a wireless chest belt (optional). Don't forget to listen to your favorite music and charge your devices on the mp3 and USB ports, while keeping cool thanks to the built-in fan.
  • For those of you who wish to just step on the treadmill and run, T-19 offers a total of 37 workout programs and constantly displays data such as speed, time and distance. All this data is presented in the 8" LCD and 2 LED screens.
  • The overall quality of the T-19 treadmill motivates you to speed up your workout. For this reason it features a high quality 51 x 140 cm, so you can train safely and with no restrictions on your movement even at top speeds.
  • At the end of the exercise, do not forget the easy-to-use SoftDrop  folding system that allows you to easily fold and store your treadmill.
  • The mechanism is hydraulic, so you don't have to hold the deck when you lower it to its starting position. The deck will unfold on its own, in a controlled manner.


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