Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Holder & Jasmine Bloom and Freesia Refill 250ml

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With this Airwick Freshmatic Kit Jasmine Bloom and Freesia scent, you can fill your house with the wonderful aroma of spring fresh blooming flowers. The scent made from pure essential oils keeps your home smelling fresh for up to 70 days. The kit includes an automatic spray device, a refill, and a battery that has a lifespan of up to 70 days and three scent strength levels.

Kit includes: Battery, Device & Refill

How to use:

  • To open the device, hold the bottom of the device and twist the top half counterclockwise. To close the device, place the top half into the bottom half and twist clockwise to lock until you hear a click.
  • Set the device by setting the desired fragrance intensity control to the needs of your home: low, medium or high.
  • Switch on the device – it will automatically spray after 15 seconds.


  • Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Holder & Refill
  • Jasmine Bloom and Freesia scent
  • Fragrance with natural essential oils
  • Features three time interval settings
  • Provides continuous fragrance
  • Up to 70 days of freshness
  • Battery operated