Area-51 Gaming Desktop i9-9980XE, 2 x 8GB Dual NVIDIA RTX2080, 32GB, 2TB+256GB SSD, Win10, KB-Ms

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Available with Windows 10 Home: Gaming is better than ever on Windows 10, with games in 4K, DirectX 12, and streaming your gameplay
Witness ultimate power


Powerhouse performance: The Alienware Area-51 delivers unbeatable performance with Intel® Core™ processors. Choose between an Intel Core i7, i9, or i9 Extreme with Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Technology for extreme megatasking capabilities. Record, game and stream simultaneously in 4K resolutions with options for up to 18 core processors.

More memory: With 64GB of memory in quad-channel mode and 4 DIMM slots to populate your memory, you can create games that go beyond what you thought was possible. So whether you’re rendering a 3D model, editing photography, video or sound, know that your only limit is your imagination

A new graphical frontier


A gaming breakthrough: Alienware breaks the mold once again with world-bending graphics options including overclocking ready Dual NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics and up to triple AMD Radeon® RX configurations. It also packs the latest NVIDIA® technology like ray tracing, DLSS, and AI enhanced graphics rendering, while delivering low noise operation, and up to 16K high-fidelity gaming.
Re-engineered with purpose


Second-gen triad chassis: A revolutionary new second generation triad chassis with a new retooled swinging cage supporting tool-less graphics and expansion cards for the first time ever on an Area-51, extending the life of your system with easy-to-access components. Also added is the PCI-E card door, which eliminates plastic retention with a screw-less rotation door. And by designing the system with a door built from a single, structural panel, internal components always stay secure.

Superior materials: The triad design is forged from an internal carbon powder-coated metal skeleton and features solid, staked-in rubber grommets. A large surface area holds an internal, stamped-metal panel with cable management ports and 5 storage bays.

Access your entire ecosystem: Experience seamless connectivity with a total of 14 USB ports, including four ports on the front panel. The largest available Alienware desktop cavity is also outfitted with efficient cable management clamps plus four independent HDD cable clips, graphics brackets and locks to keep your cards securely fastened.