Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization (2 x 10 - 10 ml Tubes)

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Product Description :

Collagen may be the most important element of human skin. This complex protein makes up nearly 80% of skin and provides structure, elasticity and protection, while helping to retain moisture within the deep dermal layers. Collagen affects every part of the body that has connective tissue, including the heart, lungs, bones, cartilage and joints. As aging occurs, collagen naturally decreases over time. Sooner or later, the reduction of collagen causes skin to become thinner, drier and more fragile. Loss of collagen is believed to be the primary cause of fine lines and wrinkles that occur in naturally-aged skin. Hydrolysed collagen consists of small peptides with low molecular weight, produced from native collagen. It is a processed form of collagen that is obtained by breaking down collagen fibers. Due to its low molecular weight, hydrolysed collagen is easily digested and absorbed in the human body. This truly unique and innovative product is especially designed to help the skin. It is a source of the essential amino acid lysine that helps in collagen formation. Simply mix one concentrated tube in 473 mL (16 oz) of water per day. Each great-tasting dose delivers high-quality amounts of collagen to help revitalize the skin. Hydrolyzed Collagen: a full 4,000 mg to help replenish the body’s supply of collagen. Biotin: a full 500 mcg per serving. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin essential for normal cellular functions. DIRECTIONS: (Adults) Shake well, then twist tab on top of liquid-filled tube until it breaks off. Pour concentrated liquid into 473 mL (16 oz) of water and shake or stir. Do not consume liquid directly from the tube. Use one (1) tube per day. One tube = 10mL. Non-medicinal Ingredients: Purified water, citric acid, concentrated blueberry fruit juice, natural flavours (tropical fruit punch, strawberry and kiwi), black carrot juice and sucralose.Contains 3% fruit juice.