Atomic Power Popper Dual Battle Pack With 84 Ammo Balls.

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Product Features :

  • Includes 2 rapid-fire atomic power poppers and 84 soft foam balls -green and purple.
  • Pump action - the quicker you pump, the further they shoot.
  • Easy to load and easy to fire.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor fun.
  • No batteries required - just hours of fun.

Product Description :

This Atomic Power Popper battle fires 12 soft foam balls in rapid succession: up to 20 feet. It includes 42 foam balls for each team (84 total) so you can take your battles indoors and outdoors. Choose your team and power to victory! Fires 12 soft foam balls in rapid succession! Shoots 20 feet with super fast re-loads. Take your battles indoors and outdoors. 84 balls for the ultimate battle Product Details: Recommended Age: 4+ Years. Includes 2 Atomic Power Poppers and 84 Soft-foam Balls. Shoots over 20 feet.Pump to shoot.