Bandai Chogokin Gundam Aerial "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury"

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Height: approx 180mm.

-Gundam Aerial, the main character of [Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury], is now available in Chogokin. Incorporating heavy die-cast parts and luminescent gimmicks, the specifications are full of luxury.

-The die-casting that is characteristic of [Chogokin] is used abundantly for joints and unique fin designs. You can enjoy not only the solid texture but also the texture of metal. With a built-in light emitting gimmick on the head, it is possible to display with a sense of reality. Together with the precise markings on each part, you can feel the presence unique to the finished product.

――The presence that the size of about 180mm brings. The die-cast metal texture unique to superalloys, the coloring and markings applied to each part bring an even higher sense of quality.

-Faithfully reproduce the characteristic proportions. Various weapons such as beam rifle and shield are also included.

-Die-cast is used for a part of the gold color arranged on the whole body. The material feeling of metal stands out. In addition, a special joint that can suspend the beam rifle on the backpack is attached.

-Built-in light emitting gimmick in the head, twin eyes emit light. An attractive line-of-sight expression is possible. In addition, clear parts are used for the smoked black parts such as the head and chest. A characteristic line can be seen inside.

--The shield can be separated and attached to the Gundam Aerial body.

――The wide range of movement and expressive wrist parts make an impressive pose beautifully determined.

--The backpack beam saber is removable. An effect for beam saber is also included.

-A special effect part can be attached to the tip of the beam rifle.

-A dedicated pedestal is attached to support free action scenes. Not only the main body but also weapons can be displayed on the dedicated pedestal.

[set content]

・ Main body

・ Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each

・ Beam rifle

・ Beam rifle joint

・ Beam rifle effect

・ Beam saber pattern x 2

・ Beam saber effect x 2

・ A set of shields

・ Shield grip

・ A set of joint parts

・ Head antenna (spare)

・ Dedicated pedestal

・ Prop

・ Weapon holder left and right

・ LR41 x 3 (with test battery)

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