Bandai DX Ancient Sparklens (Ultraman Trigger)

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Description of item

"Ancient", which appeared in "Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA" being broadcast on TV Tokyo, was the sacred treasure of light used in the super-ancient times 30 million years ago, and was the basis of "Guts Sparklens". We will commercialize "Sparklence".

The set includes two items, "Ancient Sparklens" and "Blank Key".

"Ancient Sparklens" is a new model of the exterior parts of the main body. The prop in the play used for actual shooting was designed from 3D scanned data, and the unevenness of the surface was faithfully reproduced. In addition, a photosensitive sensor is installed in the main body to reproduce the setting of "a sacred treasure that collects light" in the program.

The photosensitive sensor reacts by holding the main body over the light source, and condensing is completed by shining light for a certain period of time. If you pull the trigger while the transformation standby sound is sounding, the transformation sound to Ultraman will be activated.

This product contains the transformation sound of Ultraman Trigger Multi Type and the new strongest form, Glitter Trigger Eternity.

In addition, a simple transformation mode that does not use a photosensitive sensor will be installed.

In addition, interlocking play with Guts Hyper Key is also possible.

Not only the attached "blank key" but also the released series products are individually detected and the corresponding voice is activated.

In addition, the character voice of Kengo Manaka (act: Yoriga Terasaka), who inherited Ancient Sparklens, is also included. You can play the impressive lines in the play.

The "Blank Key", which appeared from the beginning of the program and will be commercialized for the first time, will activate a unique voice by setting it in the "DX Ancient Sparklens" or the separately sold "DX Guts Sparkling".

* "DX Ancient Sparklens" is not transformed into Hyper Gun Mode.

* The photosensitive sensor mounted on the main unit may be difficult to respond depending on the surrounding environment and the strength of the light source.

* No sound will be produced from the blank key alone.

Set content

Ancient Sparklens ... 1

Blank key ... 1

Instruction manual ... 1

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