Bandai Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form & Plat Form Plastic Model

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You can beat it, right? Don't ask me the answer! ―

Figure-rise Standard

Den-O Gun Form is here!

From "Kamen Rider Den-O", Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form & Platform is now available in Figure-rise Standard!

Reproduce the electric mask, aura armor, and armament with new modeling!

◆ Reproduce the characteristic gun form with new modeling

Precisely reproduce the characteristic electric mask of the head, chest and shoulder aura armor of the gun form with new modeling.

Clear parts are used for the purple part of the electric mask. The dragon gem that extends from the chest is also precisely reproduced.

◆ Dengasher Reproduce his gun mode with new modeling

A new wrist part is attached, allowing you to hold the Dengasher with both hands.

◆ New wrist parts are included, allowing you to reproduce the poses in the play

Wrist parts for the "I haven't heard the answer!" Pose are included with new modeling.

◆ Ryutaros (uncontracted) PET sheet is included

Includes a PET sheet designed with Ryutaros in the "sand" state when not contracted.

Display with the platform * is possible with dedicated stand parts.

* This product can also be assembled with the Kamen Rider Den-O platform.

◆ Delivered in full-color PKG newly drawn!

Product details

・ Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form & Platform x 1

・ Ryutaros (uncontracted) PET sheet x 1

・ Display base x 1

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