Bandai Gundam Universe XXXG-01H Gundam Heavy Arms (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)

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Height: approx 150mm.

-A heavy-duty mobile suit that boasts overwhelming firepower is now available in GUNDAM UNIVERSE!

-Participated in the 4th Gundam Heavy Arms from [Mobile Suit Gundam Wing]. A playful product specification that reproduces the main weapons such as large volume beam gatling and armed deployment of various parts of the body.

-Armed parts of the body are deployed. You can reproduce the shooting scene.

-Massive proportions like GUNDAM UNIVERSE.

--Swiss Army knife can be deployed.

-Beam Gatling can be held by both hands with a foregrip.

--Beam Gatling can also be mounted on the back.

[set content]

・ Main body

・ Replacement wrist left and right

・ Swiss army knife

・ Beam Gatling

・ Soul stage joint

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