Bandai HG G Gundam - Death Beast Plastic Model Kit

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From "Mobile Fighter G Gundam", Death Army's variation machine "Death Beast" appears in the HG series!

Reproduce the characteristic four legs with new parts. A connection joint that mounts the legs of the folded Death Army to the back,

Optional parts that reproduce the flight form are prepared, and the characteristic styling is completely reproduced. In addition, a death rifle and a new left hand part with expression are included.

-Reproduce the characteristic silhouette of Death Beast with new parts

Dedicated leg parts from Death Army to make Death Beast with a characteristic quadruple are reproduced by new modeling.

In addition to each leg moving independently, the flight form can be reproduced by replacing the newly formed ankle parts.

Back joint parts

Joint parts for mounting Death Army legs on the back are prepared by new molding.

● New death rifle. Set various optional parts!

Death beast's characteristic armed death rifle is reproduced with new modeling. In addition, a new left hand part with an expression that expands the range of production is included.

Attached armed: Death rifle / Gold bar type beam rifle