Bandai Kamen Rider DX Nardshikd Driver

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the special effects drama "Kamen Rider Fourze", the transformation belt of "Kamen Rider Nadeshiko" that appeared in the movie "Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider His Forze & Oze Movie War MEGAMAX" released in December 2011. To commercialize.

Among the transformation belts that appeared in "Kamen Rider Fourze", "Nadeshiko Driver", which had not been commercialized until now, has finally been decided to be commercialized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.

<Recording the voice of Erina Mano, the role of Naoko Misaki>

Kamen Rider Nadeshiko is a female Kamen Rider who transforms a high school girl, Erina Mano (act: Erina Mano), and this product contains the voice of Erina Mano, who plays the role of Nadeshiko Misaki.

With the dialogue button, you can play the lines in the play such as "Space Kitter !!".

<A new astro switch is also included with the blue transformation belt>

Load the transformation key item Astro Switch into the two sockets on the front of the main unit, and press the Tran switch on the main unit to transform. The body color is metallic blue that reproduces the play.

In addition to the "rocket switch" and "radar switch", the astro switch includes the "launcher switch (Nadeshiko switch color ver.)" That can be loaded into the Fourze driver, and the "gate switch" and "SOLU switch" that will be commercialized for the first time this time. Comes with.

set content

DX Nadeshiko driver set ... 1

Rocket switch ... 1

Radar switch ... 1

Launcher switch (Nadeshiko switch color ver.)… 1

Gate switch ... 1

SOLU switch ... 1

Instruction manual ... 1