Bandai Kamen Rider K-Touch 21 For DX Neo DECADRIVER Transform Belt

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Description of item

"RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Zio VS Decade / 7 Zio!" "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Decade VS Zio / Decade Kan Death Game" to be distributed at TELASA Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club from February 9th (Tuesday) We will release "DX K-touch 21" that appears in.

In addition to the new K-touch cards from W to Zero One, this product comes with a set of K-touch cards from Kuuga to Decade that came with the "Final Kamen Terminal DX K-touch".

When you load the K-touch card into the K-touch 21 body and touch the panel, the transformation sound is activated and Kamen Rider Decade transforms into his complete form 21.

In addition, the included Kamen Ride Card can be loaded into the "Transformation Belt DX Neo Decadriver" (sold separately) released in March 2019 to play.

* This product is not compatible with "DX K-touch, DX Decadriver, DX Decadriver". Please note.

set content

K-touch 21 body ... 1

Attachment parts ... 1

K-touch card ... 2

Kamen Ride Card ... 3

Instruction manual ... 1

Product size

K-touch 21 body ... H approx. 90 mm x W approx. 150 mm x D approx. 35 mm

Attachment parts: H approx. 85 mm x W approx. 70 mm x D approx. 30 mm

K-touch card ... H approx. 59 mm x W approx. 86 mm

Kamen Ride Card ... H approx. 86 mm x W approx. 60 mm

Product material

K-touch 21 body ... ABS / PC / POM

Attachment parts ... ABS / PC

K-touch card ... PET

Kamen Ride Card ... PET

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