Bandai Kamen Rider Saber DX Emotional Dragon Wonder Rider Book

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Released "DX Emotional Dragon Wonder Ride Book" to power up Kamen Rider Saber and transform into "Kamen Rider Saber His Emotional Dragon", which is active in "Theatrical Short Kamen Rider Saber: Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin". I will.

Each time you open the page of the main unit, multiple story sounds will be activated in order.

Set the "DX Emotional Dragon Wonder Ride Book" on the separately sold "Transformation Belt DX Holy Sword Saw Driver", and when you pull out the sword, the page will open and the transformation sound to "Kamen Rider Saber His Emotional Dragon" will be activated.

After the transformation, close the page and pull out the sword to activate the special move sound.

In addition, pull the trigger twice after transformation, or close the ride book and lead the wonder ride book to the tip of the sword to activate the special move sound.

set content

Emotional Dragon Wonder Ride Book Body ... 1

Instruction manual ... 1

Product size

H approx. 105 mm x W approx. 90 mm x D approx. 75 mm