Bandai Kamen Rider Saber DX OOO Animal Comboroku Wonder Ride Book

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-From [Kamen Rider Saber], [DX Oze Animal Combo Recording Wonder Ride Book] is now available!

--Transformation belt DX Holy sword saw driver sold separately Set Ooo Animal Combo Record Wonder Ride Book and transform!

――In addition, by increasing the number of legend rider wonder ride books to two or three, belt play will be enhanced!

-You can also play with the legendary Wonder Ride Book of the Collectable Wonder Ride Book series!

――The title name of Wonder Ride Book sounds when you press the button, and the story sound sounds when you open the page, so you can play alone.

[set content]

・ OOO Animal Combo Recording Wonder Ride Book… 1

・ Instruction manual… 1