Bandai Kamen Rider Saber DX Raimeiken Ikazuchi Emblem Lamp Do Alangina Ride Book

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-From [Kamen Rider Saber], you can enjoy transforming into Kamen Rider Espada and playing with it [DX Thunder Sword Yellow Thunder Emblem & Lampdoor Langina Wonder Ride Book] is now available!

--Sold separately Transformation Belt DX Holy Sword Saw Driver's Flame Sword Relentless Fire Mode Change to Thunder Sword Yellow Thunder! Set the Lamp Door Langina Wonder Ride Book on the saw driver buckle! When you pull out the thunder sword yellow thunder, the page of Wonder Ride Book opens and transforms into Kamen Rider Espada Lampdoor Langina!

-Kamen Rider Espada's special move play is also possible.

――In addition, if you set two books together with the separately sold Needle Hedgehog Wonder Ride Book, it will transform into Kamen Rider Espada Lamped Hedgehog!

――The title name of Lampdoor Langina Wonder Ride Book sounds when you press a button, and when you open the page, a story sound sounds, and you can play alone.

- Set content

・ Thunder sword Yellow thunder emblem… 1

・ Lamp Door Langina Wonder Ride Book… 1

・ Instruction manual… 1