Bandai Kamen Rider Saber RKF Kamen Rider Saber - Saikou Saikou Perfect Set

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―― [RKF Kamen Rider Saikou Best Perfect Set] is now available in RIDER KICK`S FIGURE!

-The sword-shaped Kamen Rider [Kamen Rider Saikou] and [Saikou Shadow] set comes with parts that allow you to change the form to [Kamen Rider Saikou X Swordsman].

――By replacing the form change parts with [Kamen Rider Saikou X Swordsman], which is a humanoid body figure, [Kamen Rider Saikou X Swordsman], [Kamen Rider Saikou X Swordsman Powerful], [Kamen Rider Saikou X Swordsman] Wonderful] can be reproduced!

-[Kamen Rider Saikou X Swordsman]'s weapon [Kogoken Saikou] is also included, and the pose is decided!

[set content]

・ Kamen Rider Saikou ... 1

・ The lightest shadow ... 1

・ A set of replacement parts ... 1

・ Kogoken Saikou ... 1

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