Bandai Kamen Rider Saber Trike Henkei DX Onjuken Suzune

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-From [Kamen Rider Saber], [Kamen Rider Slash Hanselnut and Gretel's transformation and impersonator play [Transformation Holy Sword DX Sound Bayonet Tin Sound] is now available!

--Press the button on Hansel Nuts and Gretel Wonder Ride Book to open and close the page, and set it on the sound bayonet tin sound (Onjuken tin)!

--When you open the trigger of the sound bayonet tin sound, the page opens and transforms into Kamen Rider Slash Hansel Nuts and Gretel.

――DX sound bayonet tin sound is transformed into two modes, sword mode and gun mode, and the sword sound and shooting sound corresponding to each mode are sounded.

--Also, different transformation sounds will be activated in sword mode and gun mode.

--Lead the Wonder Ride Book and pull the trigger to activate the special move!

--In addition, you can activate the Super Special Move by leading the Wonder Ride Book 3 times and pulling the trigger.

--Hansel Nuts and Gretel Wonder Ride Book can be transformed by setting them on the optional transformation belt DX Holy Sword Saw Driver.

――In addition, Hansel Nuts and Gretel Wonder Ride Book will sound the title name when you press the button, and the story sound will sound when you open the page, and you can play alone.

- set content

・ Sound bayonet tin sound ... 1

・ Hansel Nuts and Gretel Wonder Ride Book… 1

・ Instruction manual… 1