Bandai Kamen Rider Zero-One Piica Clear Led Light Up Case - Thouser

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Collaboration with PIICA as the last spurt project from "Kamen Rider Zero One"!

A card that catches radio waves and shines when you put it on your IC card and hold it over!

Just put it in the pass case and it's OK!

(Built-in LED / no battery required)

The lineup is Zero One, Lampage Balkan, Valkyrie, Destruction, Jin Burning Falcon,

In addition to 11 types of thunder, death, Souther is Zero Two, and Horobi Arc Scorpion, there is a total of 12 types of secret.

We will randomly deliver 1 type from 12 types.

【How to use】

This "PIICA (R) Peeker (R)" emits light when held over a contactless IC card reader.

Stack it on your IC card, put it in a pass case, etc. and hold it over.

Transportation IC cards (automatic ticket gates), electronic money IC cards (electronic money payment machines such as convenience stores and vending machines),

You can use it with an ID card (ID check machine).

The way of light emission may change depending on the machine.

Please read the following notes before use.

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