Bandai Kamen Rider Zi-O DX RideWatch Quartzer Set 01

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The long-awaited commercialization of the ride watch worn by the mysterious group Quartzer, who is the "manager of history" that appears in the movie version "Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer" released in 2019.

This product comes with "RX Ride Watch", "Robo Rider Ride Watch" and "Bio Rider Ride Watch" owned by Joban SOUGO (act: ISSA).

The design changes when you turn the cover of each ride watch.

When you press the button on the top, the LED lights up and the sound unique to each ride watch is activated.

In addition, set it on the separately sold "Transformation Belt DX Jiku Driver" and rotate the belt 360 ° for armor time. The LED will light up and the transformation sound will be activated according to each ride watch.

set content

RX Ride Watch ... 1

Robo Rider Ride Watch ... 1

Bio Rider Ride Watch ... 1

Instruction manual ... 1