Bandai Mashin Sentai Kirameiger Complete Becoming Set DX Changer & Shot & Sword

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-From [Majin Sentai Kira Meijer] comes a set of DX Kira May Changer, DX Kira May Shot, and DX Kira Mei Sword!

-DX Kira May Changer
Press the mask icon on the touch panel and turn the tires to transform into Kira Major!
Equipped with 4 modes including transformation! Equipped with a light emitting gimmick with multi-LED!

-DX Kiramei Shot
The body is super glittering with a clear blue color with lame!
Load the included bullet [Kira May Barrett] into the main unit and pull the lever to enter Special Move mode!
Pull the trigger and you can actually fire the Kira May Barrett!
* Soft material is used for Kiramey Barrett.

-DX Kirameisode
The body is super glittering with a clear blue color with lame!
Press the center button to select (1) [Kiramei Shield] and (2) [Kiramei Charge].
The green and red LEDs mounted on the center window emit light so that the mark moves!
Pull the trigger and activate the Special Move !!

-DX Kiramey Shot and DX Kiramey Sword are combined to complete the strongest weapon Kiramei Buster! Decide a super special move!

- set content
・ Kiramei changer body… 1
・ Belt, belt fastening… 1
・ Kiramei Shot body… 1
・ Kira May Barrett… 10
・ Kirameisode body… 1
・ Instruction manual… 3