Bandai Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z INFINITY Ver.) 1/60 Plastic Model Kit

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“Mazin Go! Pilder on!”


On March next year, the popular Mecha: Mazinger Z will join the 1/60 model kit!


Mecha background

The Mazinger Z is the titular mech of Mazinger Z and had appeared in several subsequent series. Following the discovery of Japanium and the creation of Super Alloy Z, the titanic robot was created by Doctor Juzo Kabuto to combat Dr. Hell and his Mechanical Beasts, who desired the metal for their own nefarious purposes. When the doctor was killed, his grandson Koji Kabuto piloted the mech to fight against Dr. Hell.


Product features

Mazinger Z model kit has the superior articulation, this enables it to make a wide range of poses like flying, punching.


This model kit has highly detailed, it is characterized with complicated line to make it looks like a real life Mecha.


There is light effect of its head, you can activate it by turning on the LED unit but LR 41 battery is sold separately.


The Hover Pilder will be included, and it can be removed from the head of Mazinger Z. You can fold its wing to be standby mode.


Additional accessory will also be included such as Jet Scrander, Iron Cutter part, part for Drill Missile, part for Rocket Punch. By using these accessories, the classic scene from the anime will be able created by this model kit


Product contents

--Hover Pilder x1

--Jet Scrander x1

--Iron Cutter part, flat hand (left & right) x1 for each type

--Part for Drill Missile (left & right) x1 for each type

--Part for Rocket Punch (left & right) x1 for each type

--LED unit x1 *Battery sold separately


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