Bandai Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X3

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Crossbone Gundam X3, the "Third Blue Pirate", is now available in METAL BUILD.

Includes a number of weapons, including the "strongest shield" I-field generator on his arms and the "strongest halberd" Muramasa Blaster.

Equipped with a shield with hook and scissor functions based on the settings of the original author, Yuichi Hasegawa.

In addition, the pedestal of Elegorella supervised by Mr. Kanetake Ebikawa himself who worked on the aircraft design in the open call for participants at the time of serialization is attached.

It is a luxurious specification that can reproduce the impressive scene that Crossbone Gundam X3 unfolded in the first team.

Product details

・ Main body

・ Replacement head

・ Replacement left wrist 4 types, replacement right wrist 5 types

・ Replacement antenna parts

・ Core fighter

・ Buster gun

・ Warhead

・ Muramasa Blaster

・ Muramasa ・ Blaster joint

・ Effects for Muramasa Blaster

・ Beam Zamba

・ Beam ・ Zamba blade 2 types

・ Beam shield x 2

・ Heat ・ Dagger blade × 2

・ Beam saber blade x 2

・ Chain for scissors and anchors x 2

・ Joint parts for core fighter

・ Chain web × 2

・ A set of dedicated pedestals

・ Elegorella pedestal set

Main product materials ABS / PVC / die-cast

Product size

Overall height: Approximately 170mm