Bandai Metal Build Evangelion Use Weapon Set

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Metal Build Evangelion Series

--METAL BUILD Evangelion series new development. Introducing a weapon set that can be enjoyed even more in combination with the separately sold No. 0, No. 1 and No. 2 units.

--METAL BUILD Evangelion new development. [Magoroku Exterminated Sword] [Counter Sword] [Palette] that was attached to [METAL BUILD Evangelion Unit 1] in line with the addition of armed variations in [Evangelion Unit 0 / Unit 0 (revised)] (sold separately) Rifle + equipment set] is now available as an additional weapon. You can enjoy various changes in form such as dual wield equipment and two-chome equipment combined with conventional products.

--METAL BUILD An armed set that expands the equipment of the Evangelion series has been commercialized.
-Comes with a large volume [Magoroku Estimated Sword] and [Counter Sword].
-A pallet rifle is included. Combined with the separately sold Evangelion body, you can take action with two.
-The pallet rifle can be attached by exchanging the bayonet, grenade, and long barrel with joint parts.
――Posing that reminds you of various operational actions is possible.

--Material: Made of ABS
* Die-cast is not used for this product.

[set content]
・ Magoroku Exterminated Sword
・ Magoroku Exterminated Sword Scabbard
・ Counter sword
・ Counter sword sheath
・ Palette rifle
・ Pallet rifle option set

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