Bandai Metal Build MB Caletvwlch Option Set For Strike / Astray Red Frame Gundam

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※This product contains only expand parts (The main body will be sale separately).

METAL BUILD’s original MSV series are now rolling out !

From METAL BUILD that brought you many mobile suits from MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED MSV comes an original MSV story, and from that story comes Caletvwlch, used by Gundam Astray Red Frame.

The newly modeled Caletvwlch can be set up in various combinations to recreate its options !

Look forward to more METAL BUILD story models in the future !

From Alternative Strike, an original MSV story by METAL BUILD, comes Caletvwlch. Set up its parts to rearrange it into different forms.

Shoulder joint and backpack joint parts for METAL BUILD Strike Gundam are included for recreating Draig Strike Gundam. They offer an astonishing volume of satisfaction with their capability of recreating many different forms by attaching different parts.

Product Description

・Caletvwlch set
・Joint parts set
・Shoulder joint parts for METAL BUILD Strike Gundam
・Backpack joint parts for METAL BUILD Strike Gundam