Bandai Metal Build MB Great Mazinger [INFINITY Ver.] Finished Action Figure

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Height: approx 200mm.

- [Theatrical Version Mazinger Z / INFINITY] Intending the unexpected `strongest armed` Great Booster, the great brave finally descends to METAL BUILD!

- With the activity of Ikki Tousen, the Great Mazinger fought out boutly in a row and a row appeared to METAL BUILD by supervision of Mr. Yasuyuki Yanase this work mechanic designer.
- The most powerful armed wrapped in a mysterious veil is completely three-dimensional by drawing Mr. Yanase!

[Supervision] Yasuyuki Yanase ([The Movie Mazinger Z / INFINITY] Mechanic Design)
[Color Coordinate] Pinpoint Corporation
[Design] Masahiro Ishikawa (BANDAI SPIRITS 'Skull Five')

- The great brave who releases the true power

- Complete coverage of versatile arsenal
Reproduce the various equipments used in the play! The action scenes drawn with the latest video expression revive!

- `Most powerful armed` Great booster
In the play, it is said that it will cause enormous damage to the surroundings, and the Great Booster which was prohibited for use is drawn up by Mr. Yanase Yasuyuki of the mechanic designer of this work by herself! Here is the brave appearance of the Great Mazinger that was allowed to release true power!

- set content
· Main body
· Replacement wrist left 3 kinds right 4 kinds
· Brain Condor 2 types
· Scramble dash
· Great booster
· Drill Pressure Punch Upper Arm Futapatsu × 2
· Drill pressure punch × 2
· Great boomerang
· Back spin kick × 2
· Knee Impulse Kick × 2
· Mazinger blade × 2
· Drill pressure punch effect parts × 2
· Vernier effect parts × 2
· Vernier effect parts (small)
· Chest replacement parts
· Calf vertical tail wing (left and right)
· Dedicated pedestal
· A set of pillars
· Complete set of display joint parts

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