Bandai Metal Build Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit 02 Eva 02 Finished Action Figure

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The long-awaited No. 2 machine appeared in METAL BUILD Evangelion, which was designed and popular by Iku Yamashita, the creator of Evangelion Design.

The distinctive red coloring is also a sortie with a new appearance with many new weapons added vividly.


[Design supervision] Iku Yamashita ("Evangelion" series mechanic design)

[Body modeling] Ryu Saka (dragon studio)

[Color Coordination] Hiroyuki Hirose (Decomas Lab)

New armament

Various armaments by Dr. Yamashita, who was popular with the first machine, are included.

A new Unit 2 will be produced.

-Reproduce head at awakening

The head of the awakening image is reproduced without replacement.

■ Product specifications

Overall height: Approximately 220mm

Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast

■ Set contents

・ Body

・ 4 types of wrist left and right for replacement

・ Pallet rifle

・ Thigh pylon

・ Thunder Spear

・ Progressive knife × 2

・ Progressive knife sheath x 2

・ Folding blade type progressive knife (storage)

・ Folding blade type progressive knife (deployment)

・ Headset with goggles


・ Shoulder needle launcher left and right

・ Joint set

・ Umbilical cable set

・ Exclusive base set

・ Prop

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