Bandai Metal Robot Spirits Akatsuki Gundam Shiranui Unit Action Figure

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Akatsuki Gundam wearing Shiranui equipment appears.

The shiny body of the vacuum evaporation plating is conscious of the image of space warfare specification and the personality of Mu La Fraga

Changed partial coloring specification from Steller's sea eagle equipment.

A freely movable injection effect that can reproduce the striking state of the beam turret in the play.

・ Body

・ Replacement wrist left and right each 3 types

・ Shields

・Hyakurai (Rifle)

・ Beam ・ Saber pattern × 2

・ Double edge beam ・ Saber handle

・ Beam ・ Saber blade × 2

・ Dedicated pedestal set

・ Shiranui

・Complete set of injection parts for and Shiranui

・ Joint for body

Height: about 140mm