Bandai Metal Robot Spirits CaoCao Gundam (Real Type Ver) Action Figure

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“The crimson general of Giga”

Cao cao Gundam will become a METAL Robot Spirit -SIDE MS figure in real type version on January 2020!

Character background

He is a forceful person who shows gifted abilities in all aspects, a general with a noble spirit who will not resort to cowardly acts. A charismatic leader with absolute leadership power who is talked about among allies and enemies. He called upon the assembly of the Anti-Toutaku Allied Army, took up the role of overall commander and led them to battle at Korou Fortress. At Korou Fortress he fought with Ryofu.

Product features

--The METAL Robot Spirit -SIDE MS articulations allow him to make his classic attack: Great Crimson Slash and other dynamic poses.


--You can put his wings in front of the shoulder armors to become defense mode. His unique weapon: Enkotsujin is storable on his waist when he doesn’t hold it.


--He is painted with nine types of colour (white, gold, brown, metallic red, red, silver, grey, black and green) to recreate his image from the BB Gundam series.


--This Cao cao Gundam figure will have his own pedestal; it is designed with crimson flare on both sides. There is a Giga logo in the middle of the pedestal.


--The height of this figure is approximately 140 mm, made of ABS, PVC and Diecast material. He is suitable for 15 years old and above.


Product content

-Main body figure

-Replacement wrist left and right 2 x types


-Exclusive pedestal

 Height: about 140mm

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