Bandai MG Figure-Rise Artisan Kaman Rider W Cyclone Joker

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Experience the creation of a new plastic model-

"MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker" is now available!

MG FIGURERISE 1/8 Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker is newly released as a new brand "MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN" that has been painted in advance.

Not only the metallic and matte feeling of the suit is expressed by painting, but also the three-dimensional feeling and texture are reproduced by detailed inking and shadow gradation expression.



The runners are painted in advance using various model techniques.

As if a professional made it just by assembling

The coolest finished product with a concept

A new brand that "anyone" can make.


◆ Making full use of various model techniques, just assembling to make a painted finished product

Cyclone side / windy stabilizer

The cyclone side of the right half of the body uses a gorgeous metallic paint.

Furthermore, the reflected light of the suit, the vividness of the color, and the appearance of fluttering in the wind of the wind stabilizer are expressed by adding gradation painting.

Joker side

The joker side of the left half of the body uses a luxurious matte paint.

In addition to black for coloring, gray is used for highlights to create a three-dimensional effect that matches the unevenness of the human body.

◆ Reproduce each design of double driver and Gaia memory by printing.

The central part of the double driver is reproduced by tampo printing. The red part is inked.

◆ Comes with an original design printed pedestal

Printed "Cyclone" and "Joker" designs with Gaia Memory as a motif on the pedestal.

◆ Delivered in full color PKG

Set content

・ MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker x 1

・ Display base x 1