Bandai Nxedge Style [Mashin Unit] Ryuseimaru Action Figure

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Height: approx 90mm.

――Wataru's feelings brought new life to Shinsei Ryujinmaru―― Ryuseimaru appeared from [Devil Heroes Wataru 2]!

-In response to the power of Wataru, who has grown through battles in dark space, Ryojin Ryujinmaru is reincarnated.
-The gold of the body is expressed by coloring.
-Of course, it can be transformed into a flying dragon! Say hakiki, it's super fun and cool!
-Proportional and movable while preeminent in size.
-You can also dynamically pose a scene that raises the familiar light dragon sword!
-Reproduce the flying dragon form by replacing!

- set content
・ Body
-Replacement wrist left and right
・ Light Dragon Sword
・ Set of replacement parts for [Change Dragon]
・ Dedicated STAGE set