Bandai Nxedge Style [Mashin Unit] Seiryumaru

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Height: approx 90mm.

-Purple genie dancing like a holy knight

-Purple dragon genie like Holy Knight Paladin.

-The visor is openable.

-Equipped with a deformed gimmick to [Saint Dragon Flight Form].

-Comes with a double-edged sword `Holy Dragon Sword`.

-Shoulder armor is reproduced with a sense of volume and detail. [Deathlete / Holy Dragon Sword! The pose that shook up the [St. Dragon Sword] in the upper row is also firmly determined.

-[Holy Dragon Sword] can be mounted on the back of the waist.

-[Change!] Holy Dragon! ] Can be transformed into [St. Dragon Flight] mode. Equipped with a variety of gimmicks, such as storing the legs on the back and unfolding the neck.

- set content

・ Body

-Replacement wrist left and right

・ Holy Dragon Sword

・ Set of replacement parts for deformation

・ Dedicated STAGE set

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