Bandai Proplica Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Moon Kaleido Scope

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From "PROPLICA", which pursues "real feeling" and develops as a product for adults, the size of "Moon Kaleidoscope" that appears in the movie version "Sailor Moon Eternal" is calculated from the scene in the play and is about 1/1 size. Faithfully reproduced and commercialized.

Enjoy the image in the play, such as the newly recorded voice of Kotono Mitsuishi, who plays the role of Super Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino, a gimmick that can reproduce the purification technique scene where the wings spread when you press a button, and a shining LED. can do.

And how, the voice of Misato Fukuen, who plays the role of Super Sailor Chibi Moon / Chibiusa, is also recorded as "Secret Mode"! !!

It is a specification that you can enjoy the moment when Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon share the same time.

Overall length: Approximately 530 mm