Bandai RE 1/100 Quess Air's Jagd Doga Plastic Model

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack", Yakuto Doga (Quess Air) is now available at RE / 100!

Thorough reproduction of the characteristic body shape, color, and armament of the Ques machine with new modeling.


● Thorough reproduction of Yakuto Doga (Ques Air Machine) with new molding and molding colors!

The overall feeling of volume remains the same as the image in the play

The delicate molds applied to various parts dramatically improve the details of the aircraft.

・ Head

Reproduce the characteristic streamlined head of the Quest machine with new modeling.

・ Mega Gatling gun

Reproduce the Mega Gatling gun with new modeling. Delicate RE-compliant molds are applied to various parts.


Reproduce the color pattern based on the red and light gray of the Ques Air machine with the molding color.

Achieves color coding by dividing parts not only in various parts of the main body, but also in the details of the shield and the inside of the vernier.

-Reproduce the image in the play with the attached armament rich in gimmick

The abundant gimmick of the attached armament reproduces the image in the play.

Beam saber with heat knife

The beam saber with heat knife can be stored in the waist armor by removing the beam effect.

・ Funnel

The 6 variable funnels that come with it can be stored and deployed in the shoulder binder.

Furthermore, the all-range attack image in the play can be reproduced by using the attached clear support.

-Comes with optional parts that can reproduce the shape of the "with sleeves" Jagd Doga body!

Using the attached sleeve parts, the right arm of the separately sold "MG 1/100 Gila Doga (Unicorn Ver.)"

By replacing the backpack, it is possible to reproduce the "Yakuto Doga with sleeves" body shape that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC". Twice

* To reproduce "Yakuto Doga with sleeves", the separately sold "MG 1/100 Gila Doga (Unicorn Ver.)" (Premium Bandai sales product) is required.

* Paint is required to reproduce the photo.

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