Bandai Real Experience Model RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Auto-Trans Edition)

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● Four Elements that Create a Whole New Experience

  Featured songs and character voices play from the kit itself, light-up effects sync with character dialogue, and the moving structure activates the automatic transformation, recreating the Unicorn Gundam’s transformation scenes from the series in real life.


  POINT 01 TRANSFORMATION Moving Structure

  The first automatic transformation in GUNPLA history.


  POINT 02 SOUND & VOICES Sounds from the Series

  Character voices, featured songs, and sound effects from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn are included.

  Iconic scenes can be recreated through the combination of sounds from the series and the automatic transformation to enjoy sensations that make you feel as though you are actually in the scenes.


  POINT 03 LIGHT EMITTING Light-up Effects

  RGB LEDs have been adopted to recreate the red glow during the activation of NT-D and the transition into a green glow seen at the end of the series.


  POINT 04 LARGE SCALE Large Scale

  This is a bust model that has been created in the largest GUNPLA scale.

  Intricate details and the design created for the 40cm large scale kit pursue the presence of the actual MS.


Specs of pre-assembled moving light-up unit 

▼Controls:The switches placed on the side of the item can be used to select scenes.

▼The character voices can also be turned ON or OFF:The character voices in each of the scenes can also be chosen to be turned ON or OFF.

▼Modes:Includes 11 modes

Effects from Episode 1/Effects from Episode 2/Effects from Episode 3/Effects from Episode 4/Effects from Episode 5/

Effects from Episode 6/Effects from Episode 7/Hold down the button Continuous effects from Episodes 1~7 + “StarRingChild” will play/

Mineva Lao Zabi’s Speech (Rainbow light-up)/Destroy Mode (Red Glow) Display Effect/

Destroy Mode (Green Glow) Display Effect/

▼Power Switch:Six AA dry cell alkaline batteries are required.The batteries will last for approx.Two hours when sounds are continuously played.(*Commercially available)

▼Sounds:Volumes can be adjusted by kew operation which allows to enjoy at high volume.

Output: 1000mW

▼Extensibility:A stereo jack is installed in the kit which can be used to connect it to external speakers.

*The audio component is monaural. When outputting to the outside, the same sound outputs for both L and R.



Kit Contents  : Moving Light-up Unit / Armor Parts

Purchase Bonus  : Display Board

Product size : Total height: approx. 40 cm

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