Bandai RG Real Grade Evangelion Unit-01 Eva 01 [Night Combat Color] Plastic Model

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The first RG Evangelion is commercialized with coloring that imagines night battle.

Reproduce the characteristic color with molding color and special material. Also included are effects that can reproduce impressive scenes in the play.

-Reproduce the coloring that imaged night battle

Reproduced the impressive night battle coloring in "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" with molding colors.

The purple exterior part uses a metallic molding color, and the green exterior part uses a special material to reproduce light emission at night.

Special material

By using "phosphorescent material" for the impressive green exterior of the first machine, the light emission at night is reproduced.

You can enjoy the green luminescent image that emerges in the dark night in the play.

● AT field effect parts and special hand parts are included

Includes effect parts and hand parts that can reproduce the scene that tears the AT field, which is impressive even in the play.

Attached armament: Progressive knife / pallet rifle

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