Bandai Robot Spirits Evangelion Unit-08 Beta Improvised Combat Configuration

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Height: approx 170mm.

-ROBOT soul Evangelion Unit 8 β Extraordinary battle form, battle started!

-Unit 8 Beta Special Combat Mode scheduled to appear in [Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version] first appeared in the Robot Spirits!

Reproduction of unique gimmicks such as rail function of the upper body as well as sticking to modeling and coloring.

-The joint structure including the shoulder rail faithfully reproduces the tricky movements in the play.

-Exclusive pedestal is included, supporting display in floating state.

-Reproduce the storage and deployment of the band with replacement parts.

-Gatling can be removed and forearm can be opened and closed.

- set content

・ Body

・ Gatling gun × 2

・ Band belt left and right × 2

・ Bracket left and right for storage × 2

・ Exclusive pedestal set