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Height: approx 170mm.

-Evangelion Unit 0 commercialized with new modeling!

-Two types of Evangelion Unit-0 / Zero Unit (revised) can be reproduced by replacement parts. In addition, parts to reproduce the sealed state of Unit 0 are included.

-Positive and dynamic poses are possible through thorough movement verification.
-Completely reproduce the mode change to (revised) by replacing the arms, chest and legs.
-Sealed state can be reproduced with attached parts.
-Comes with various weapons including a gatling gun.

- set content
・ Body
・ 5 types of replacement wrists
・ Umbilical cable
・ Pallet rifle
・ Left and right arm parts for Unit 0 reproduction
-Chest armor for Unit 0 reproduction
・ Right and left thigh parts for Unit 0 reproduction
・ Replacement parts for back
・ Progressive knife
・ Gatling gun

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