Bandai Robot Spirits Evangelion Unit 01 -Rebuild of Evangelion-

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Height: approx 170mm.

-The first Evangelion unit starts with new modeling.

-[New Theatrical Version] Evangelion's first machine is commercialized with new modeling. This product, which has evolved further from the well-received 2010 edition, realizes both unprecedented proportions in the play and natural and wide range of motion.

-Ultimate mobility that allows you to pose naturally and as you wish.
-A molding that faithfully reproduces the image in the play.
-Includes parts that reproduce the evolution of progressive knives.
-Includes pallet rifle, progressive knife and umbilical cable.
-Chest armor opens and closes.
-Impressive scenes in the play can be reproduced in the AT field.

- set content
・ Body
・ 5 types of replacement wrists
・ Umbilical cable
・ Pallet rifle
・ Progressive knife
・ Replacement shoulder armor (left)
・ AT field (with dedicated pedestal)

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