Bandai Robot Spirits - SIDE KMF Code Geass Lancelot siN Action Figure

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Height: approx 145mm.

- The most devastating white death god Lancelot reviving the name of sin siN

- Two machines representing the Code Geass series have achieved the strongest evolution and it is now resurrected!
- Lancelot and Guren who achieved the strongest evolving activity in a new movie [Code Geass Lelouch of Resurrection] commercialized!
- Modeling by supervision of Mr. Ekiji Nakata Mechanical Designer!
- Three-dimensional rendering as it is with the impression of the screen with precise coloring and movable performance!

- Energy · Wing reproduced with clear parts.
- MVS is included.
- Sea Seven Anti-Material · Valis comes in right and left. Three modes are reproduced with replacement parts.

- set content
· Main body
· Four replacement wrist left and right
· Energy · wing left and right
· Energy · Wing storage condition parts right and left
· Arm retracted MVS replacement part × 2
· MVS × 2
· シ シ ー ブ ン · anti-material · valis × 2
· Hadron mode replacement parts × 2
· Shoulder replacement parts