Bandai Robot Spirits Shisei Ryujinmaru -30th Anniversary Ver.-

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Height: approx 90mm.

--Celebrations! [Majin Hero Wataru 2] 30th Anniversary! Shinsei Ryujinmaru appears in ROBOT soul with glittering plating and pearl coloring!

-To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the [Wizard 2 of the Genie Heroes] broadcast, ROBOT souls will appear in the [30th anniversary special anniversary version]

-In addition to pearl and metallic paint, a definitive edition of the face and some joints that are newly formed.

-The whole body coloring has been renewed and expressed with glittering plating and pearl coloring.

-Wings can be replaced and deployed!

-Newly shaped part of the cheeks and face parts to reproduce the face closer to the image in the play!

-Overwhelming range of motion is realized by newly forming some joints!

- Set content

・ Body

・ Replacement wrist left and right each 2 types

・ Star Dragon Sword

・ Wing set