Bandai Robot Spirits MAN-010 G-3 [GE-DREI] (Reprint Ver.)

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As a final weapon of the new type special unit "GEIST GRUPPE", the illusionary aircraft that has achieved the success of Ikki Tousen is finally commercialized for the first time.

This product was created by the designer Kazuhisa Kondo.

Ultimate quality with high-level packing of molding, deformation, movement, and coloring in its overwhelming volume.

"The ghost of Zeon, awakening from a long sleep."

Product content

・Main body

・Replacement wrist left and right (weapon holder)

・Beam saber pattern x 4

・Beam saber blade x 2

・Landing gear

・Funnel ×10

・Complete pedestal set

Overall height: about 190 mm

Left and right width: about 440 mm

Front-back width: about 280 mm