Bandai Robot Spirits - SIDE MS MS-14JG Gelgoog J Jager (Ver. A.N.I.M.E.) Figure

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The hunter (JAGER), a precision shooting specialized type of precision machine!

It is from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 The war in the pocket and it will be released as Robot Spirits ver. ANIME on October this year!

The Zeon Gergug-type final mass-produced aircraft that combines high shooting ability and high maneuverability. The shooting ability at a medium distance appropriate for the name of JAGER, it is possible for the propellent tank and the additional vernier to strike and leave.

Product Features

  • Performing precise movement verification to realize movement that recreate the appearance scene.
  • The elbow joint is designed with a movable mechanism to perform natural shooting.
  • The mono eye is also movable, and you can put on the expression with the eyes.
  • Beam machine gun that is same with the aircraft is included.
  • This figure is able to do the arrangement at the time of standby and the shooting pose.
  • You can extend the stock of beam machine gun according to the shooting pose.
  • The back-propellant tank is allowed to be removed.
  • The launch effect can also be attached to reproduce the shooting scene during the play.
  • Injection effect parts can be connected to various parts of the aircraft. Reproduce excellent airframe control ability.
  • It is 5.11 inches (13cm) and made of plastic like ABS and PVC.

Product Contents

  • Main figure
  • Beam machine gun
  • Propellant tank (x2)
  • Beam effect part
  • Machine gun firing effect part
  • Vernier effect part (x4)
  • Interchangeable hands (x8, left and right 4 each)
  • Storage deck for hands

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