Bandai S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Bulma's Motorbike - Hoipoi Capsule No.9

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***Bulma Not include in this item, bike only***

Full length: approx 175mm. 

-Bulma's motorcycle that appeared in the first episode of TV anime [Dragon Ball] is three-dimensional with SHFiguarts!

-In the first episode, Bulma meets Goku for the first time, and the first bike to ride when starting a journey appears in SHFiguarts!

-Reproduce the precise details of the mechanism drawn by Mr. Akira Toriyama, and can be linked with the optional [SHFiguarts bloomer-the beginning of a big adventure-].

-POINT1 modeling

Faithfully reproduces beautiful curves and details drawn by Akira Toriyama.

Clear parts are used for roof panels, turn signals, headlamps, and tail lamps.

Furthermore, the material of the frame, front fork, muffler and steps are made of alloy material in pursuit of the texture of the motorcycle.

The front and rear wheels are equipped with a rotating gimmick.

Exclusive pedestal with capsule corporation mark is also included.

-POINT2 linked

With the same scale design as the separately sold [SHFiguarts Bloomers-Beginning of a Great Adventure-], it is also possible to enjoy the world view by arranging them together.

With the bloomer replacement skirt and wrist included with this product, you can also reproduce the state of riding a motorcycle.

A Goku figure with a total height of about 60mm is also included as an accessory.

Using a special pedestal, besides the running scene, a display of two people surprised in a wheelie state is also possible.

- Set content

・ Body

・ Exclusive pedestal set

・ SHFiguarts exchange skirt for bloomers

・ SHFiguarts exchange wrist left and right for bloomers (bike gripper)

・ Goku fixed pose figure