Bandai S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Tenshinhan & Chaoz

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New Qigong gun! !! !! !! Hah! !! !! !! !! "

"Don't wave"

From the "Dragon Ball Z" series, Tenshinhan and Chaoz are included in S.H.Figuarts as a set.

For Tenshinhan , "screaming", "clenching", "hurrying", and 3 types of replacement facial parts are included.

Furthermore, the Chaoz are finally made into movable figures! Replacement wrist parts are included with the Chaoz. .

Appearance work Dragon Ball Z

Main product contents ・ 

Tenshinhan  body

・ 3 types of left wrist for Tenshinhan  exchange, 4 types of exchange right wrist

・ Three types of facial expression parts for Tianjin rice replacement

・ Gyoza body

・ Two types of left and right wrists for Chaoz replacement 

Product size 

Tenshinhan Height: Approximately 155 mm

Chaoz total height: about 80 mm