Bandai S.H.Figuarts (Shinkocchou Seihou) Momotaros Imagine "Kamen Rider Den-O"

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Full length: approx 145mm.

-It's coming out! Come out! It'll come out !!! With the true carving method, I'm here!

-Momotaros Imagine who left a strong impact with [Kamen Rider Den-o]. Three-dimensional by true bone carving method!

-Unlike Kamen Rider, it is compatible with Imagine, which has a lot of comical movements, and emphasizes movement. It is possible to sneak!

-You can reproduce the poses like Momotaros shown in the play without breaking the proportions.

-Review the proportions and shape of the whole body, and reproduce it with the modeling unique to true bone carving.

-A coffee that Naomi brews in the denliner is included!

- set content

・ Main body

・ Replacement wrist left 5 types right 6 types

・ Momotarosword

・ Coffee cup + saucer

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