Bandai S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Geed Primitive (New Generation Edition)

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Height: approx 150mm.

--Even if you're jealous, you can't help! Ultraman Geed Primitive [New Generation Edition] is now available in SHFiguarts!

-In SHFiguarts Ultraman Geed, [New Generation Edition] with red eyes [replacement head] is now available.

-Both regular version and red-eye version can be reproduced.

Is that power darkness or light?


Red-eyed Jeed appears in SHFiguarts

-Modeling / proportions

Tsuburaya Production 3D with the cooperation of the LSS in the modeling department. With proportions that will not break down even if you make various poses, drop it to a size of about 150 mm and make it SHFiguarts.

-Movable and accessories

3 types of replacement wrists are also included to reproduce various poses in the play.

You can also replace the head and reproduce the regular version of Ultraman Geed.

- set content

・Main body

・Replacement wrist left and right 3 each

・Replacement head

・Replacement color timer (red)