Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-66R Trider G7 "Trider G7"

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Size: Approx. H240mm (excluding the robo size horn)

Material: Diecast, ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]

-Trider G7 figure

-Alternative head

-Wing (left, right)

-Supporting parts

-Trider javelin blade

-Trider javelin handle

-Trider javelin handle end part

-Trider chain


-Trider Lure


-Wire for the lure

-Joint part for the lure

-Trider Beam Cannon

-Trider Saber x2

-Trider Cutter x2

-Vernier x2

-Wrist joint x2

-Joint part for the cutter x2

-Joint part for the mount x2

-Support pole

-Alternative gripping hand parts (left, right)

-Alternative hand parts for Trider Cutter (left, right)

-Alternative hand parts for Trider Vehicle (left, right)

-Weapon rack base

-Weapon rack (left, right)

-Crawler part

-Trider Shuttle

-Alternative parts for Trider Shuttle A/B