Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-70 Mazinger Z D.C.

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Height: approx. 170mm.

- Super alloy soul celebrated its 20th anniversary, Mazinger Z is regression.

- Soul of Chogokin GX-01 has passed 20 years was released in 1997.
- The technologies and systems that were born through the years abundantly Tsugikomi, to return to dare the best of yearning for the old days (Classic).
- It is the DC = dynamic Classics series.

[Super alloy soul's first Pairudao down reproduce before]
- Pairuda before attachment of the light-emitting and have not face parts are included.
- Installation of the jet pile loaders are equipped with a magnet difference as ever.

[Excellent action performance]
- With a range of movement that can not be imagined from its slim body.
- That smack was also open for the action, comes with those closed for flight pose.

[In order involved in the reproduction of the ultimate Anime]
- Sukuranda also have been tried a variety of gimmick ever. This time reproduced color difference of the front and back which are set in the animation.
- Firing holes of worthy Southern Cross knife in the late version is also directed always forward in the exchange equation.

[Variety of armed]
- Reproduce all armed to be mounted on a Mazinger that has been reinforced in the late.
- Missile punch of the abdomen is in spite of the presence of the interior of the movable shaft, reproduce the state that sinks in the exchange equation.

[Series Common pedestal]
- Base superalloy soul DC series common specifications. It can be stored replacement parts inside.

- The set includes: body, exchange wrist left and right each two, Iron cutter × 2, Stand + dedicated arm two, jet pile loaders, jet scrambler Dah (Late), jet scrambler loaders for the hanger, and other replacement parts